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The chance to enhance Shaolin Wushu

By Yutang Sports Monday, 20 Oct 2014 13:57

The 10th International Shaolin Wushu Festival opened on 19th Oct in Shaolin Temple located inZhengzhou, Central China’s Henan province.

More than 1,800 athletes from 63 countries and regions took part in the festival which lastsuntil next Wednesday. Most of them will compete in martial arts events and some will beaiming at a Wushu grade.

“The festival has become an influential activity around the world, and the Shaolin Temple endeavors to promote Wushu because it’s the home of Shaolin Wushu,” said Wu Tinggui,executive vice-president of the International Wushu Federation.

As the cradle of Shaolin Wushu, about 100,000 students or Wushu lovers from around the worldhave learned the Chinese martial art in Wushu schools around the Shaolin Temple.

The International Shaolin Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou was first held in 1991 to improve the international influence of the Chinese martial art.

In the recent years,Shaolin Temple spared no effort to promote Wushu to all over the world.Some stars in entertainment and sports,even politicians` visit brought more exposure to the temple.

In 2011, Shi Yongxin,the Fangzhang(leader) of the temple announced that Shaolin would open up more than 40 centers in the other places out of China,including the cities like Berlin and London.Then he visited the headquarter of Google in 2014.All of these are to boost up the recognition of Shaolin and Wushu according to Shi.

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