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Samaranch Foundation to send 10 Chinese teenagers to Spain for tennis training

By NetEase, CRI, translation by Yutang Spor Monday, 03 Nov 2014 19:48

On October 31, last Friday, Samaranch Foundation’s delegations visited Sichuan Province and announced plans to send ten middle school tennis players to accept tennis training in Spain. At the same time, they activated a plan for the public to use a football park in Chengdu for free. 

Ten students of South Mountain Middle School in Mianyang would go to Spain for tennis training. The school has been the largest tennis training base in China since 2009, when it partnered with Sichuan Tennis Administration Center. Students registered for tennis modules in the school were as many as 700 people. Sending 10 students to Spain would be the largest program of collective overseas tennis training in China. 

The activity for citizens to book a football park for free would be run for a year, from Nov 17 2014 to Nov 16 2015. During the time, there would also be free football training, grass-roots football games, and Chinese and western football culture communication activities. 

Samaranch Foundation was founded on July 13 2012, named after the late IOC president Mr. Samaranch. One of the organization’s goals is to promote development of Chinese football and tennis sports. 

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