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Guangzhou Marathon to be the first-ever marathon event on Equity Exchange

By Yutang Sports Wednesday, 06 May 2015 12:05

Guangzhou Marathon officially went on the Equity Exchange recently, and became the first-ever China marathon event on the Exchange.

On the website of Guangzhou Enterprises Mergers and Acquisitions Services, Guangzhou Marathon is categorized as “investment wanted” and the subject of the deal is “2015-2017 Guangzhou Marathon market developing and event operating partner”.

In 2014, Guangzhou Marathon was evaluated as “Gold Medal Event”, same as Beijing and Shanghai Marathons. In the past three years, Guangzhou Marathon attracted much investment. Then why they need the Exchange?

“We need a partner who can help us with promoting rather than a sponsor,” the vice mayor of Guangzhou, Wang Dong said “we want the top class enterprise in join us and work together with us in establishing the brand of Guangzhou Marathon.”

The price of partnership is 10 million RMB at least every year for partnership and 15 million for promoting and advertising on CCTV.

China Table Tennis League and Wuxi Snooker World Cup were put on the Sports Industry Resource Exchange for title sponsor and partner.



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