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2015 China National Youth Games sponsoring fees valued at 30 million

By Yutang Sports Wednesday, 15 Apr 2015 16:00

Li Jing, the deputy director of Fujian Sports Bureau, lately revealed in an online interview that the preparations for 2015 China National Youth Games was systematically progressed.

Apart from three sports centers, which are under construction, 46 of 49 game venues have been delivered ahead of schedule.

More importantly, the sponsoring resource development has entered into a substantial stage with Xtep being the major sponsor.

In the meanwhile, companies and banks like Invincible Group, Rongqiao Group, China Telecom, PICC, CMBC and Fujian Post have showed strong interests in partnering the China National Youth Games. It is estimated the potential sponsoring fees will exceed 30 million yuan.  

The official website of China National Youth Games committee has been put into service with the help of Xinhua.net. And FJTV Sports will be used as the major channel to broadcast the games.

Lately the committee are in negotiation with CCTV 5, seeking strategic partnership on real-time broadcasting of the Games.

China National Youth Games, formerly the China City Games, is the first time that China adopt the name of national youth games catered to Youth Olympic Games. 2015 China National Youth Games will be held in October in Fujian China.

Source: Fuzhou Evening Post



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