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LEFIT launches "new decade plan" to serve 100000 fitness trainers

By Liu Weijia Wednesday, 15 Jan 2020 17:46

On January 15, the sports fitness platform, LEFIT,  released the "new decade plan for fitness trainer". Han Wei, the founder of LEFIT, announced that the fitness trainer will be the core of the fitness industry. In the next decade, LEFIT will invest 100 million yuan every year, with an annual 20% increase, to serve about 100000 fitness trainers to fully support the fitness training industry.

China has the second largest fitness growth market in the world, featuring the largest middle class consumer group. LEFIT says that with the increase in the  number of fitness venues, fitness brands will enter the stage of quality competition. In this competition phase, the trainer will be the core of the fitness industry and process of how to keep and train a good coach will become a problem that gym owners have to face in the future.

In August 2019, LEFIT set up the LEFIT Fitness College and “Train the Trainers” experts were recruited by the college. According to statistics, one-third of Chinese trainers at Les Mills joined LEFIT, specializing in the internal training of LEFIT trainers, and providing nearly 500 group training and 3000 private training sessions a year, so as to promote the continuous upgrading of LEFIT’s trainers supply chain.

At present, LEFIT has 500 gyms, and are still expanding, with the intention of completing the layout of 5000 or more gyms in the future, creating 100000 plus training jobs. In addition, LEFIT has designed six career development paths for trainers, including the high-income trainer, and gym partner, to try and change the career layout of trainers over the next decade.

When it comes to the topic of “gym collapse” in 2019, according to Mr. Han Wei, only when the trainers become professional can China have its own curriculum development and then more people will join the fitness industry. This huge industrial chain cannot be simply changed by a single idea or  through the internet. He added that as long as LEFIT does well in its products and services, users will still use LEFIT, and LEFIT’s expansion plans will not be stranded.


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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