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Beijing Sinobo Guoan FC signs baijiu sponsor

By Vicky Thursday, 08 Aug 2019 20:13

The Chinese Super League football club from Beijing, Beijing Sinobo Guoan FC has partnered with a local baijiu brand, Beijing Huadu. They have also launched a co-branded baijiu product, Yiqiying Erguotou (Chinese pinyin). 

The two parties held a press conference at the Beijing Workers’ Sports Complex on August 6 and released the co-branded baijiu at the event. 

“Yiqiying” means to win together. Erguotou is a kind of Chinese baijiu that is liked by grassroots Chinese people. 

Beijing Huadu Brewery & Food Industry Co. holds direct investment from Beijing Sugar Tobacco & Wine Group. According to the brewery company, its origin can date back to a brewery factory established in 1949 in Changping District, Beijing. 

Leaders from both Huadu and Guoan FC say the two brands are representatives of Beijing culture. They hope to strengthen the cultural influences of each other through this partnership. 

Reference: Beijing Huadu 

Proofread by Levison Makuvise



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