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190 million people watched CBA final -- a new history record

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 24 Mar 2015 15:00

The CBA final between Beijing and Liaoning was just over. Ratings data from CSM shows that this year’s games were the best in 20 years. According to the data, there are 190 million people around the country watching the six finals. There was an average of 17.43 million audiences for each final every minute, which was 50% more than 2014, when the average audience each minute for each final was 11.57 million. 

During the last final game between Beijing and Liaoning, there were around 60 million audiences around the country, about 19 million every minute. Even more people watched the games at Beijing and Liaoning Province where the teams come from. There were almost 6 million people, 45% audiences in Beijing. There were more than 17.50 million people, nearly 42% audiences in Liaoning Province. 

Ma Guoli, the president of Infront China which runs CBA, said that this was another history-making moment during CBA development, and that this is a necessary result of the growth of influence of CBA. 

Source: Pengpai News

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