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Yunnan Province makes goals for its fitness and recreational industry by 2025

By Andrea Huang Wednesday, 01 Aug 2018 19:06

The Yunnan Province government published on its website on July 30 a document about measures and goals to accelerate the development of its fitness and recreational industry. 

This document clearly states that by 2025, the province will have built over three state-level sports (outdoor sports) industry business parks, have established 20 state recreational sports villages and/or villages with sports characteristics and have around 50 fitness, recreation and sports travel projects that are popular inside and outside of China. By 2025, the gross output of the fitness and recreational industry in Yunnan should reach CNY60bn. 

The government points out a few specific and important development directions in the document. The first is to grow and expand the public fitness sector. They plan to continue to focus on marathon events while at the same time accelerate growth in basketball, football, cycling, square dance and other sports programs that are good for public participation. Newly constructed city areas should contain 15-minute fitness zones. Sports venues should be reasonably charged but should open up more spaces for the public. By 2020, the total population that should take part regularly in sports exercise should reach 18 million. 

The second direction is to improve and enhance outdoor sports. Because Yunnan Province has natural geographical advantages for some outdoor sports, the government hope to explore and grow more outdoor sports such as climbing, hiking, water rafting, sailing, paragliding, parachuting and others. 

The third direction is to develop the fashionable sports. Football and golf are two unique fashionable sports in Yunnan. Recreational fitness centers that combine water sports, camping and fishing are also being encouraged. 

Lastly, the government requires improvements in the recreational fitness industry structure and geographical provisions. Kunming, the capital city will be the center of a fitness service economy circle with the Southwest, Northwest and Northeast also forming three seperate zones with different emphasis. 

Source: Yunnan Xinxibao 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick



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