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Hisense partners with Jingdong and launches World Cup customized products

By Andrea Huang Wednesday, 27 Jun 2018 20:39

On June 25, FIFA World Cup Partner Hisense and Chinese e-retailing giant Jingdong organized a World Cup strategic partnership press conference at Jingdong’s headquarters in Beijing. The theme of the press conference was “World Cup, Super High!” (Shijiebei, Chao Haisen!). 

Hisense will join the Jingdong 702 Super Brand Day, a sales promotion campaign on July 2 across the Jingdong e-retailing platform, offering customers discounts. 

Hisense plans to further collaborate with Jingdong in the future, with a focus on building high-end products online. They will share data with each other to understand customer needs and provide better products. 

At the press conference, Hisense also unveiled three new World Cup-customized home electronic products, including a TV set, an air conditioner and a refrigerator. They will be sold on the 702 Super Brand Day to satisfy football fans’ needs. 

As one of the top B2C e-retailing giants in China, Jingdong has a large customer base, a good platform reputation and strong appeal among Chinese customers with many brands selling their products on Jingdong’s platforms. As a famous home electrical appliance brand in China and an official World Cup sponsor, Hisense clearly wants to take advantage of this World Cup opportunity and the Jingdong platform to market its products in China. 

Source: iFeng

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick



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