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Shanghai University of Sport to add eSports commentary major

By Nong Ruowen Thursday, 11 Jan 2018 21:36

In the admission plan released by the Shanghai University of Sport (SUS) on Jan 10, a new academic major related to eSports, Broadcasting (eSports-oriented Commentary) was added to its list of undergraduate majors. 

Of course, it is not the first eSports-related major in a Chinese university. Last summer, universities such as the Communication University of China (CUC) added eSports-related majors or programs to their curriculums and welcomed their first cohort of eSports  students in September. 

Today, those students have finished their first semester on campus as eSports majors. However, some students in interviews with the media have expressed concerns regarding these eSports-related majors, stating that the courses are not exactly what people thought they would be. 

Previously, many people tended to think that eSports-related majors were aimed at developing professional eSports players. But a student from CUC’s Digital Media Arts, enrolled on the eSports-related major program in CUC, told a journalist from jiemian.com that this major’s curriculum included two main modules, Game Design and eSports Event Operations. 

Alongside the boom in eSports events in China, eSports commentary has become one of dream jobs for many eSports enthusiasts. However the specific courses for the SUS’s Broadcasting degree have not yet been disclosed. 

Source: Tencent Sports

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