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Guangdong to establish a ¥500bn fitness leisure industry by 2025

By Chen Yaping Tuesday, 09 Jan 2018 13:49

Guangdong Province has released an analysis report for its 2017 sports industry at a recent sports forum held in Guangzhou.

As the report shows, sports product manufacturing, with its overwhelming advantages in overall output, added value and number of employees, played a dominant position in Guangdong sports industry structure.

The report has made it clear that the local government has made great efforts in fields such as sports industry laws and regulations, sports industry big data platforms, the organization of sports-related work, management and guidance of the capital market, and coordination of different professional sports.

According to earlier statistics, Guangdong generated an overall output of 320.8 billion yuan in 2015, representing 1.37 percent of the provincial GDP.  

In May 2017, Guangdong launched a plan suggesting that by 2015, the fitness leisure industry in the province is expected to reach 500 billion yuan. 

Source: sport.gov.cn

Proofread by William Logsdon



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