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Peak Sports becomes official sponsor of the Chinese Volleyball League

By Nong Ruowen Wednesday, 09 Aug 2017 15:21

On the eve of the new season, the Chinese Volleyball League has embraced a new sponsor, the first since the 2014/15 season. The Chinese Volleyball Association, the Chinese sports company Volleyball World and the sportswear company Peak Sports jointly announced that Peak Sports had become the official sponsor and the new exclusive equipment partner of the Chinese Volleyball League. 

Under the agreement, every player in all 28 teams competing in both the men's and  women's league, as well as staff and officials of the league will be equipped with Peak Sports' products in both the regular league and the All-Star games. At the same time, Peak Sports will work closely with Volleyball World to design more volleyball-related products and apparel for Chinese volleyball fans. The pair will also cooperate to promote the sport of volleyball in Chinese schools and campuses. 

As a world-famous sportswear brand, Peak Sports has already partnered with some international organizations and leagues such as the International Basketball Foundation and the Women's Tennis Association. Several National Olympic Committees and national basketball teams, as well as NBA stars like Tony Parker and Dwight Howard are also included in Peak Sports' portfolio.

As a subsidiary company of iRena, one of the leading sports agencies in China, Volleyball World is an operator of the whole volleyball industrial chain, owning the commercial and media rights of the Chinese Volleyball League and its All-Star games. 

Source: sina

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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