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Hosa Fitness invest in Surmount and Nobleman

By Nong Ruowen Friday, 04 Aug 2017 15:00

August 3: A leading fitness club in China, Hosa Fitness, has officially announced that they have completed the investment in two fitness clubs, Surmount Fitness Club and Nobleman Training Club, and will integrate them into Hosa as two subsidiary brands. 

Following this deal, they will jointly establish a new fitness company to promote Surmount Fitness and Nobleman in China, plus also providing Chinese fitness enthusiasts with a higher quality service. Next year, Surmount and Nobleman will open over 10 digitally smart fitness clubs to increase their share in the fitness market. 

In 1999, Hosa opened their first club in Beijing and have currentlylaunched in 8 cities in China, setting up around 100 clubs in total. As for Surmount and Nobleman, they have nearly 50 clubs around China, in areas that Hosa have not yet entered. As a result, by investing in these two clubs, Hosa can now enter more cities and enhance their leading status in the fitness industry. 

Source: ifeng

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick



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