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CSL might welcome professional referees next season

By Nong Ruowen Thursday, 13 Jul 2017 15:38

July 12: At a press conference hosted by the Chinese Football Association (CFA), CFA representative Huang Shiwei talked about the Chinese Super League’s (CSL) referees and the recruitment of football professionals by the CFA. 

Huang revealed that the CFA did not rule out the possibility of introducing professional football referees in the next CSL season. The CFA is also planning to present the referees’ salaries and where the money comes from. Moreover, Huang also explained that the video assistant referee (VAR) might be used during the CSL competitions for appropriate situations. 

Apart from the referees, the CFA is also going to recruit football professionals from around the world who have an international vision in order to promote Chinese football and to integrate it in the world of football. According to Huang, the candidates should be senior professionals in football competition, training, management and other football-related areas. The CFA will welcome recommendations from the CFA’s departments, local football associations from every province and city, professional football clubs and even the candidates themselves.

Source: chinanews.com

Proofread by Linda Barouk

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