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ANTA’s market capitalization reached over HKD70 billion

Tuesday, 04 Jul 2017 15:53   |   By Gu Huanhuan


According to a report from Ifeng News, when the Hong Kong stock market closed on July 3, the company ANTA Sports Products Limited (HKD02020) had a market capitalization of over HKD70 billion, reaching HKD70.305 billion (about RMB 61.1 billion yuan). This market value is 5.4 times higher than LI-NING and 2.7 times higher than the total market value of LI-NING, Xtep and 361 Degrees combined, according to that article.

ANTA was founded in Jingjiang Fujiang (China) in 1991. It was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 10, 2007, offering 600 million shares worldwide and raised over HKD3.5 billion.

According to financial data disclosed by ANTA themselves, the company generated RMB11.12 billion yuan, which makes it the first company to gain a revenue of over ten billion yuan in the Chinese sports goods industry. In 2016, ANTA’s revenue increased to RMB 13.35 billion yuan. 2017 is the tenth year in which ANTA comes into the market, the revenue of ANTA has quadrupled and its market value as for February was worth more than HKD 60 billion.


Proofread by Linda Barouk

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