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Tencent Sports sign Lang Ping

By Nong Ruowen Monday, 15 May 2017 11:18

Tencent Sports announced on May 12 at a launch ceremony that Tencent Sports had reached an exclusive partnership with Lang Ping, the coach of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball team, where she was also given the title of “the Power Ambassador of Tencent Sports”.

According to Tencent, it was the first time that Lang Ping had reached an exclusive partnership with Internet-based media. Following this ceremony, Tencent Sports will obtain a series of exclusive rights including exclusive prioritory interview rights and the right to first release online interviews and news about her during major events.  Tencent will also have the rights to post and distribute first availability updates and interviews of Lang Ping across all of its digital platforms, including Tencent website, Tencent Video, its Tencent Sports platforms, its QQ WeChat and many more. On the other hand, as the Power Ambassador of Tencent Sports, Lang Ping will promote volleyball’s influence in China in partnership with Tencent Sports.

“I am glad to be the Power Ambassador of Tencent Sports,” expressed Lang Ping. “In the future and through the power of the Internet, I will stand with Tencent Sports to promote the development of the sport of volleyball in China. ”

Source: Tencent

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick



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