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Sino-Europe Sports certain to acquire Milan on 3rd March

By Yutang Sports Monday, 13 Feb 2017 14:31

According to a report from NetEase Sports, Tuttosport has claimed that Sino-Europe Sports will go ahead and complete the acquisition of AC Milan on 3rd March without any further delays. Between 20th and 27th February, it will complete the payment of 320 million euros.

Based on the NetEase Sports story, Sino-Europe Sports and the Fininvest Group have arranged two meetings on 1st March and 3rd March respectively. These meetings will draw the acquisition of Milan to a close. In December of last year, due to various issues, Sino-Europe Sports were forced to announce that the takeover would be delayed until March this year. Now, it seems that this farce is finally coming to the end.

As well as the 100 million euros transfer fund to be made available this summer, Sino-Europe Sports will pay another 100 million euros to update facilities at A.C. Milan.


Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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