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We Need You! Yutang Sports Recruiting!

Wednesday, 01 Jun 2016 16:27   |   By Yutang Sports


I. Who are we looking for at Yutang Sports? 

Yutang Sports are devoted to connecting the world and China through sports. We have over 50,000 industry subscribers in China and over 300 million reads of our content every year. We have collaborated with internationally well-known sports industry organizations, such as the SportAccord Convention, Soccerex, SpoBis, Sportel, FIBA, FIVB, etc. Yutang Sports dive into sports sponsorship and marketing, providing consultancy and other services to Chinese and international sports properties and brands. 

Talents, abilities, and hard work are what we treasure and respect. People with a young spirit, rich thoughts and quick actions are who we want. Also, you must be a good team player. We want to give the stage to people who can work well, and in return you get in touch with the foremost and the most real Chinese and international sports industries.

II. Job Openings

1. Part-time Reporters

Roles and Responsibilites:

1) Work distantly to produce articles/analysis/commentaries about sports business and sports industries.

2) Interview speakers at conferences held outside of China. 


1) Experienced and professional writer and reporter in the English language. 

2) Native or near native English speakers. 

3) Familiar with major international sports markets and industries. A good knowledge of the Chinese sports industry is a plus. 

4) Work efficiently and can produce high quality articles. 

5) Knowing Chinese Mandarin is a plus. 

III. Application method

Please submit an English CV to: hr@ytsports.cn.

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