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We Need You! Yutang Sports Recruiting!

Wednesday, 01 Jun 2016 16:27   |   By Yutang Sports


I. Who are we looking for at Yutang Sports? 

To develop sports industry has become a national policy for China for the first time and the RMB¥5 trillion target make the whole industry exciting, while the international sports industry is still as popular and prosperous as ever. We live and work in this industry. 

Yutang Sports are devoted to connecting the world and China through sports. We have over 10,000 industry subscribers in China and over 100 million reads of our content every year. We are the main channel for overseas professionals to know about the Chinese sports industry. Over the years, we collaborate with internationally well-known sports industry organizations, such as the SportAccord Convention, Soccerex, FIBA, FIVB, etc. Yutang Sports dive into sports sponsorship and marketing, providing consultancy and other services to Chinese and international sports properties and brands. 

Talents, abilities, and hard work are what we treasure and respect. People with a young spirit, rich thoughts and quick actions are who we want. Also, you must be a good team player. We want to give the stage to people who can work excellently, and in return you get in touch with the foremost and the most real Chinese and international sports industries. Looking forward to your applications! 

II. Job Openings

1. Editorial Intern

Location: Beijing, China

Role & Responsibilities 

1)Search for news in the Chinese and international sports industries, and edit/translate/write pieces of short news. Make sure the facts are accurate and attractive for audiences. Make sure languages are as good as possible. 

2)Write and/or translate articles, analysis and commentaries on the Chinese and international sports industries and sports marketing and sponsorships. Submit articles for editing by chief editor.

3)Translate other materials including market reports into Chinese and/or English language. 

4)Upload and edit articles and photos in Content Management System. 

5)Providing help with interviews, such as writing interview questions, etc. 

6)Help with organizing small meetings, forums, and café activities as requested. 

7)Contact collaborating media organizations and reporters. 

8)Other tasks as requested by supervisors. 


1)Chinese students studying overseas, and foreign university/college students

2)Must be proficient in the English Language. Be good at writing in English. Languages other than English and Madarin would be a plus. 

3)Finance, marketing and advertisements, or majors related to sports management. 

4)Interested in writing and/or editing. 

5)Can-do and positive attitude. Willing to try. Careful and work efficiently. 

6)Team spirit. Good communicating skills and willing to communicate. 

2. Part-time Writer and Journalist

Location: non-defined

Roles and Responsibilites

1)Write articles/analysis/commentaries about sports business, sports industries and other topics. Communicate with the chief editor for topics. 

2)To help interview interesting personnel in conferences or forums held locally in his/her country. 

3)To submit topics to editors and discuss with editors about the ideas before writing articles. 


1)Experienced and professional writer, reporter in English language media focusing or partially focusing on sports. Freelance writer and reporter who have rich experience in sports business reporting and can provide good works he/she did. 

2)At least three years of experience in writing for media. 

3)Native or near native English speakers. 

4)Familiar with major international sports markets and industries. A good knowledge of the Chinese sports industry is a plus. 

5)Work efficiently and can produce high quality articles. 

3. Business Development and Operations Intern 

Location: Beijing, China

Roles and Responsibilities

1)Contact overseas sports sponsorship projects and sports conferences for collaborations. 

2)Build useful connections with media organizations or journalists. 

3)Maintain useful project and contact information in database, translate foreign-language materials into Chinese, and organize project materials and data. 

4)Operate social media channels of the company. 

5)Other tasks requested by supervisors. 

Basic Qualifications

1)Chinese or international students studying in overseas universities/colleges, majoring in sports management, finance or marketing. 

2)Use English as a work language proficiently. Spanish, Germany and French are a plus. 

3)Interested in sports business and sports industry news or have some knowledge about the global sports industry. 

4)Good at communicating. Team player. 

5)Hard-working, and efficient. 

4. Project Planning Intern

Major Roles and Responsibilities

1)Package sports sponsorship projects by making presentations etc. 

2)Assist with the creation of proposal for key clients. 

3)Collect and organize international sports sponsorship theories and knowledge.

4)Collect and analyze successful international and Chinese sports sponsorship marketing cases. 

5)Collect international methodologies regarding data analysis in sports sponsorship marketing. 

6)Collect Chinese and international sports sponsorship and sports investment data and input into database. 


1)Undergraduate or graduate students studying in universities, majoring in sports management and/or marketing. 

2)Chinese nationality or could speak and write excellent Mandarin. Use English as working language proficiently. 

3)Like and participate in sports, and have a good knowledge of sports. 

4)Good at learning and learning from experiences. Creative. Can organize and analyze information collected from the market and give opinions about the materials. 

5)Good communicator and good team work. 

III. Application method

Please submit an English CV to: hr@ytsports.cn. For the Project Planning Intern position, please also submit a Chinese CV to hr@ytsports.cn at the same time. 

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