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Ledman Optoelectronic takes stake in Infront Sports & Media

Thursday, 14 Apr 2016 15:20   |   By Wang Hailong


Ledman Optoelectronic Co Ltd stated on 12th April that it would take a 100 % share of Shenzhen Mantie Xingsheng Investment LLC which purchased shares in Infront Sports & Media in 2015.

Shenzhen Mantie Xingsheng Investment LLC is co-owned by Li Mantie who is the controlling shareholder of Ledman Optoelectronic Co Ltd.

Chinese property and entertainment giant Dalian Wanda Group together with China Media Capital and other investors bought Swiss sports-marketing company Infront Sports & Media AG for €1.05 billion in 2015.

Shenzhen Mantie Xingsheng Investment LLC contributed an investment of no more than € 25million in the buying of Infront Sports & Media at that time.

Ledman Optoelectronic Co Ltd is a Guangdong-based public company whose main business includes an LED-related business and a sports media business.

In the statement Ledman Optoelectronic Co Ltd said buying shares in Infront Sports & Media was in accordance with its sports industry development strategy and would make it more competitive in the international sports market.

Source:Ledman Optoelectronic Co Ltd 

Proofread by John Devlin

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