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Yutang Sports become official media partner of 2016 SportAccord Convention

By Yutang Sports Monday, 21 Mar 2016 11:00

We are delighted to announce that Yutang Sports has entered into a media partnership with 2016 SportAccord Convention, the world’s elite and most exclusive annual event in the world of sports.

For the 2016 SportAccord Convention, Yutang Sports is the only Chinese media partner. Yutang Sports are very glad to take this chance to communicate with Chinese audiences the topics discussed by international sports federations and trends in the international sports business world.

After collaborations with a number of sports conferences abroad and in China, such as Soccerex Global Convention 2015 and SpoBis 2016, Yutang Sports welcome and are confident about this partnership withthe 2016 SportAccord Convention. Through Yutang’s developed digital channel systems and large numbers of readersin China, the 2016 SportAccord Convention would receive much positiveexposurein China.

Lv Lei, Project Director of Yutang Sports says, “Chinese sports are getting more and more involved with the international sports world. We are happy that Yutang achieved a media partnership with 2016 SportAccord Convention. It is our wish to make the connection between the international sports worldand the Chinese sports industry more strong through our report of the event.”

John Hewitt, Event Operations Manager, Communications of SportAccord Convention said, “We are proud tohaveYutangSportson-board as a Media Partnerfor the first time. We are confident in their professional approach and abilitytohelpdelivernews about and from SportAccord Conventionto our Chinese audience.Theirsocial media presencehas given us the opportunity toreach an increasedamount of people and share some exciting developments in the lead-up to theSportAccordConvention.”

Amid China’s growing sports industry, the internationalization of Chinese sports companies is more urgent than ever before. After years’ efforts in sports, Yutang Sports has become an important hub connecting China and the world. With over 50,000 followers on various platforms, including a dedicated English-language website and different social media channels, Yutang believe that this partnership would be mutually beneficial and would bring great values to the international and Chinese sports industry.

About Yutang Sports

Yutang Sports is devoted to connecting China and the world in sports business via media reports and sports sponsorships. As one of the top sports business digital media in China, we update fresh news, insights and professional data of the Chinese sports industry to audiences across the world, and provide news of the international sports business world to China.

Yutang Sports provides sponsorship services for international sports rights holders and Chinese brands. We help with brands in more than 10 business sectors in China, and provide events planning and sports market data reports of the Chinese market.

For more information about Yutang Sports: www.ytsports.cn

About SportAccord Convention

SportAccord Convention is the world’s premier and most exclusive annual event at the service of sport. It is focused on driving positive change internationally and dedicated to engaging and connecting; rights holders, organising committees, cities, press and media, businesses and other organisations involved in the development of sport.

The SportAccord Convention is a not-for-profit organisation which annually brings together representatives from more than 100 International Sports Federations affiliated with the following umbrella organisations that host their Annual General Assemblies at the SportAccord Convention.

SportAccord, ASOIF (Association of Summer Olympic International Federations), AIOWF (Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations), ARISF (Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations), AIMS (Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport) and Associate Members.

In addition, the SportAccord Convention receives the full support of the International Olympic Committee.

For more information about the SportAccord Convention: www.sportaccordconvention.com



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