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Chinese online sports streamer set to complete RMB100m fundraising

By Pu Yang Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015 11:01

Chinese online sports streaming platform Zhangyu TV are set to complete Round C fundraising valued at approximate RMB100 million, according to their founder Zhang Xuan who showed up at a media conference lately held in Beijing.

The platform, launched in April, have secured over US$10m in the first two rounds of fundraising led by VC giants IDG and Morningside Ventures, Zhang added.

As one of the star-ups in the newly emerged online sports streaming, Zhangyu TV focus on their live interactive broadcasting services by thousands broadcasters, most of whom are little-know but engaging to the audiences.

But there are bigger names in the squad as Zhangyu TV have signed with renowned Chinese female Nineball plaer Fu Xiaofang and former China soocer international Xu Liang.

Now Zhangyu TV have a broadcasting team consists over 3,500 members and provide 1,000+ hours of air tiem tox around 3 million active users on daily average basis.

Source: Beijing Business Today



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