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Chinese sports agency iRENA partner with e-ticket platform Weipiao

By Pu Yang Tuesday, 29 Sep 2015 16:10

Beijing-based sports agency iRENA announced that they have reached an agreement with e-ticket platform Weipiao to build a service platform for Chinese sports enthusiasts at a press conference held in Beijing on Monday.

Under the partnership, iRENA will connect mobile internet with their resources around sports events, venues and fans with the help from Weipiao and Tencent Inc., one of the holders of Weipiao.

In addition, iRENA hope to introduce more professionalism into their services for right holders such as NBA, Team China or CSL with the upgraded integration of match operations and mobile app.

Weipiao, as a movie-related e-ticket platform backed by the likes of Tencent and Wanda Group, also announced the strategy to exploit the emerging sports industry in China.

“The partnership with Weipiao marks (Chinese) sports industry (begin to) fully connect with mobile internet” iRENA’s general managing director Gao Hong said.

iRENA, launched in 2001, have established partnerships with Team China, CSL, CBA and the upcoming NBA China Tour etc.

Source: Xinhua

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