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Beijing hosts summit on sports industry development

By Zhang Tingting Monday, 21 Sep 2015 16:03

The 2015 Zhongguo Tiyu Chanye Chuangxin Dahui ("Chinese Sports Industry Innovation Summit") was held in Beijing on Saturday, with many important industry professionals attending the event. 

The summit was backed by the General Administration of Sport and was jointly organized by the Central University of Finance and Economics, Zhongti Dingxin Capital, Angel Plus and Sina Sports. 

Delegates included the Vice Chairman of Beijing Olympic City Development, Vice Chairman of Zhongguo Tiyu Baoye Zongshe (“China Sports Newspaper Association”) and President of China Interactive Sports Technology Invention Co., Ltd., the Co-founder of Angel Plus, Senior Vice President of Sina Sports, and the President of Zhongti Dingxin Capital. 

Topics discussed at the summit included: innovation models in the industry, the comprehensive marketing of merchandises, the integration of sports and the mobile Internet, e-commerce and sports, and prospective new technologies and new products. 

Many delegates expressed positive opinions on the industry and its development. One director from the General Ministry of Sport of China said that the sports industry is in its infancy at both national level and the grassroot's level. 

During the summit, Sina Sports signed a partnership with Zhongti Dingxin Capital. While the establishment of a research and study center on the development of the Chinese sports industry was also announced at the event. 

Source: sports.cn 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick. 



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