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China's CCTV 5 set to screen Premier League

Wednesday, 05 Aug 2015 16:10   |   By Yutang Sports


CCTV 5, the sports channel provided by China’s CCTV, today has announced on Sina Weibo that the channel is going to screen 2015/2016 English Premier League (EPL).

According to the post, CCTV 5 will broadcast EPL matches on weekends. And various sources revealed that the premier sports TV channel would possibly air one EPL match only in one round under the authorization from Super Sports.

This will mark the first time that EPL return to China’s state TV channel since 2003 when China sent two players to the English football side Everton FC.

As Super Sports currently holds the rights of EPL in mainland China and Macau exclusively, CCTV 5 was reportedly in talks with the rights holder before this news emerged.

Up now neither side has officially commented nor even revealed any details of the deal.

But this piece of news really drove a lot of buzz on Chinese social media and generated a large amount of discussions.

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