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Datang Telecom partnered with China’s mobile E-sports

By Yutang Sports Thursday, 09 Jul 2015 16:10

Xinhua Ruide Network Technology Ltd has recently announced a partnership with General Administration of Sport of China. Datang Telecom, the owner of Xinhua Ruide, would obtain the exclusive partnership with China’s mobile E-sports project.

When it comes to E-sports, people would always think about traditional items like LOL or DOTA. However, with the development and renewal of electronic devices, the way in which players engaged in electronic sports changed a lot. Besides LOL, DOTA, and other games which are played on computers, sports based on mobile electronic devices is gradually rising up in China.

Xinhua Ruide is set up by Datang Telecom for a project to fuel the development of China’s public sports. Through the partnership with China’s mobile electronic athletics, Datang hopes to establish a healthy and green competition platform for electronic players and to create an interactive community for more Chinese sports fans.

Source: news.yesky



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