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Jiangsu Sainty to co-found TV zone with iTV

By Yutang Sports Wednesday, 01 Jul 2015 11:00

Jiangsu Sainty held a press conference recently. The club announced the partnership with China Telecom iTV. Jiangsu Sainty and iTV would co-found iTV Sainty football zone to provide one-stop information platform and TV interaction service.

As the first club TV zone, Sainty zone was founded by China Telecom smart family operating center and Jiangsu Sainty FC. The content includes news, players, and all the matchday information.

The zone consists of “Match”, “Star”, “Fan”, “Quiz” and “Campus Football”.

“Match” contains official news, football matches and expert prediction and commentation. “Star” includes players interview and match highlight. “Fan” has fan-centered platform while “Campus Football” focuses on the youth football, particularly on campus.

According to the database, Jiangsu Sainty zone would have a coverage of 5 million local users.

Source: Sina

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