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World champion to cooperate with McDavid

By Yutang Sports Wednesday, 24 Jun 2015 14:30

Recently, the world’s leading sport protection company McDavid announced to cooperate with Xia Xuanze, the coach of China’s badminton team who had just won the champion of 2015 Sudirman Cup. Xia became the first brand ambassador of McDavid who engaged in badminton sport events.

According to the cooperative agreement, the world champion coach will help McDavid to promote its sports medicine products which can keep athletes away from injury during training or match. Sports medicine is an interdiscipline which combined kinesiology, bioengineering and professional sports together. That is the core business of McDavid. Major products of Sports medicine include all kinds of kits, bandages and other sport protection wares which can protect athletes or help them get recovery from fatigue. The chief reason why McDavid chose Xia as its brand ambassador is that badminton is one of the most popular sport events in China, and the cooperation with China’s most successful badminton coach would definitely accelerate the company’s marketing in that populous country.

When it comes to the partnership, Xia also expressed his pleasure of it. Xia claimed that he will try his best to cooperate with McDavid to protect more sports athletes from the torture of injury.

Source: Sports.sohu



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