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Chinese football reform leaders group proved to be untrue

By Yutang Sports Wednesday, 03 Jun 2015 16:00

Chinese Football Association released an announcement on its website yesterday that the news about Chinese football reform group formed at the top level was not true and the newspaper that made up the news would be blamed responsible for such news. 

On April 30, the newspaper Soccer News reported that a leaders group in charge of football reform and development in China was organized, and was comprised of top officials including the vice premier of the State Council and the director of the General Administration of Sport of China. 

Football Association declared yesterday that after confirmation with relevant offices in the State Council and with the General Administration of Sports of China, they are sure that what was reported by the news was not true. Football Association reserves the right to accuse relevant organizations and individuals.

The news was widely reported by Chinese media back in April. 

Source: people.cn 



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