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Allen Iverson started frenzied promotional trip in China

By Yutang Sports Thursday, 21 May 2015 16:00

Former NBA star Allen Iverson has started the frenzied promotional trip to several cities in China after the premiere of Showtime’s Iverson, a 90-minute documentary that traces Iverson’s life from his childhood to the day the Sixers lifted his #3 jersey to the rafters.

Shanghai, where Iverson was warmly welcomed, was the first city that Iverson landed in during his trip.

Then today he moved to Harbin where he will have a match with Liaoning Hengye Leopard, the runner-ups of 2015 CBA final.

According to the schedule, Iverson will also pay a visit to Xi’an, the capital city of Shanxi Province and to Inner Mongolia in the coming days.

As reported, there will be fans meeting held in Xi’an where Iverson is believed to attend along with Terrence Williams and Doug Thomas.

When he finishes the trip in Xi’an, he will play another match with anther CBA team, Jilin Northeast Tigers, in Inner Mongolia.

As Iverson, with legacy in his NBA career, has large fan base in China, his trip to china has caught great attentions from a range of supporters.

Source: China News

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