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Beijing made a “1346” plan for regional school football development

By Yutang Sports Thursday, 09 Apr 2015 13:04

During an ongoing two-day training for administrators of school football and school headmasters over the country, Wang Dong, commissioner of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education said that they are going to carry out a strategic “1346” plan for school football development in Beijing. 

“1” means that sport and education needs to be combined to achieve the best effect and to support each other. 

“3” represents three functions and tasks of school football that they have outlined. The first task is to use school football to lead developments of other school sports. The second one is to use this opportunity to promote general reform of Beijing’s education and sports. The last one is to increase students’ overall competency through this opportunity. 

“4” refers to four important mechanisms and organizations. Beijing plans to build a leader team for Beijing’s school football development. There is also a plan to build a commission which asks for and organize social contributions to football development. They will build a volunteer association to encourage people from various industries, college students, and parents to participate in the development. The last one is to build three youth training camps utilizing society and schools. 

The “6” is about better systems. They plan to integrate football into the existing education evaluation system, and to add football into school curriculums across elementary school, high school, and university. The competition system needs to be bettered, to include leagues at city level, district level, school level, and class level, especially for colleges, because many universities are located in Beijing. They would build football culture and effective methods to promote it, to attract students. The fifth aspect of the system is about securing fees and budget. The last one is to build a social network system to take advantage of supports from universities and general domestic and international social strengths to assist elementary school football.

Source: 21CN.com 



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