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Liaoning Province Publish Implementation Plan on Advancement of the Ice and Snow Economy

By Zhao Litong Monday, 23 Sep 2019 15:56

The government of Liaoning, a northeastern province in China, recently published their Implementation Plan on Advancement of the Ice and Snow Economy, aimed at advancing the development of the ice and snow economy in Liaoning, especially the development of ice and snow tourism, culture, sports and the research and manufacture of ice and snow equipment, eventually making the province an ice and snow economic powerhouse.

The Plan points out that by 2025, a complete ice and snow industry centered around ice and snow sports and recreational tourism will have its foundation laid out. Having ice and snow tourism, ice and snow sports, and ice and snow culture as the main projects, the ice and snow manufacture will begin to take shape, and the growth potential of the market will be unleashed. The total revenue from ice and snow tourism is expected to be around RMB230bn, with an annual growth of no less than 15%.

The Plan lists 4 main tasks:

Cultivate market entities and create a modern ice and snow industry system.

Leverage Liaoning’s regional advantage to advance the development of the ice and snow industry.

Integrate the ice and snow industry with other industries to develop new types of operations.

Strengthen promotional and marketing efforts to increase ice and snow consumption.

Reference: Liaoning Department of Culture and Tourism

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick



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