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What will go after the soccer reform plan

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 17 Mar 2015 17:06

As the Soccer Reform Plan was announced yesterday,soccer is included in the economy development for the very first time. China sets short,middle and long term goals respectively in the plan,which considers the soccer population,professional league and the performance of both Men and Women’s National Team.

“China might own 7000 Messis”.Sankei News from Japan quoted from a research in UK.They predict that China soccer is going to have a big potential to find more talents very soon after the reform.

“Far behind from Japan and South Korea,disrespectful China is trying all means to catch up with,for instance the new soccer textbook.”KoreaBiz reported,“the soccer textbook to be released at the end of this month,the textbook apparently is designed intentionally to meet the requirement of the reform”.Daily Post remarked that the new textbook accentuate the teamwork spirit.The illustrations and 3D pictures present the glamour of soccer to the kids.

“The biggest reform ever”Globalnews from Germany commented on 16th,the plan would guide the way in soccer development.“CFA disconnects with Sports Bureau means China soccer is now, more professional.” China would achieve the goal of opening two national soccer center and 50 thousand soccer schools by 2025 undoubtfully. And Wanda purchased Infront just showed the “ambition”,Die Welt expressed their confidence on the reform.They even make a wild guess that China possibly win the World Cup in 2030!

Forbes.com,as one of the most famous financial websites in the world, said that China is bringing fresh air to soccer.China is showing their muscles as they are doing in the financial market while the Euro zone is in the crisis,Asian buyers is purchasing European clubs.

We do not know clearly about what exactly will happen after the reform,but one thing is certain,that soccer is a great deal in China.



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