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Beijing sets up financial support rules for winter sports schools

By Andrea Huang Sunday, 30 Sep 2018 15:18

The Beijing Education Committee and Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau have published a document outlining the guidelines to support winter sports development in public elementary schools, middle schools and kindergartens. The aim is to have 200 schools with a specialization in winter sports in Beijing by 2022 and to support the development of these schools. 

There is a set of standards and criteria to evaluate schools in deciding whether they are qualified as schools with specialization in winter sports. Schools are expected to submit requests for examinations and at the same time the different administrative districts in Beijing will make recommendations to the city municipal educational departments. The relevant educational departments will appoint the qualified schools. 

The city’s financial department will then give financial support to the qualified schools. The support for the first year is CNY500,000 per school, and for the following years, there will be three levels (CNY250000, CNY500000 and CNY750000) depending on how well schools have performed each year. 

The city’s financial department will also give support that is equivalent of CNY100 per student per year, to encourage all elementary and middle school students to take part in winter sports. 

Using expert domestic and international winter sports teachers and coaches and re-constructing and constructing winter sports exercising areas on campuses will also be supported by the city’s financial department. 

Reference: zfxxgk.beijing.gov.cn

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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