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Sina Weibo and MIGU to collaborate on sports content and IP

By Andrea Huang Friday, 07 Sep 2018 18:53

Sina Weibo and MIGU recently reached a strategic partnership to collaborate around sports event content and promoting sports IP for both sides. 

First, MIGU and Weibo will collaborate around the sports events MIGU has. These sports events were obtained in a partnership between MIGU and Suning announced in July. Under that partnership, MIGU will work with Suning to build a whole new experience for sports fans including advanced premier sports content streaming and news, rich fans engagement and full immersive fan experience. Many of the world top-class sports events obtained by Suning, such as the Chinese Super League, UEFA Champions League, AFC Champions League, European football leagues and UFC, will be streamed and reported under the partnership. Therefore, through the partnership with Weibo, MIGU aims to combine the forces of Weibo to further promote these top sport events as well as some sports events MIGU has created itself. 

Specifically, MIGU will open an array of Weibo accounts and will cooperate with Weibo to operate and produce sports events content. It will live stream the sports events and provide short clips and programmes around them on Weibo to expand the reach of their content. 

In terms of building sports IP, MIGU and Weibo have a plan to co-create the first fitness variety show in China, upgrade and improve the sports events MIGU have created and promote the sports events of Sina Sports such as 33 Golden League and 5x5 Golden Futsal League by live streaming and other methods. 

MIGU also plans to collaborate with Weibo to produce 4k super high-definition live content so that the two sides can continue to offer high definition content to their audiences. 

Reference: Sina 



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