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Yao Ming promotes school sports on CPPCC

By Yibada Friday, 06 Mar 2015 11:00

Former Chinese NBA superstar Yao Ming revealed his plans in promoting specially designed sports classes in Chinese high schools.

Yao, who is also a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), explained his decision during the CPPCC 12th National Committee's third session.

The event, which opened on Tuesday and is set to continue for the next 10 days, gathered a total of 2,153 members of the country's top political advisory body who are set to discuss some big issues in China based on current events.

According to the 34-year-old basketball legend, he had proposed to the CPPCC an enhanced physical education program to help high school students in the country to have better physical wellbeing as part of China's comprehensive reform plan.

"The special P.E. class will allow schools to guide students to learn a bit more about a certain kind of sports and to deepen their understanding of sports, nurturing their interest in sports and helping students actively participate in them rather than passively learning them," he explained.

He also added that the aim is not to achieve professional level sports skills, but to enhance their understanding and wellness.

"Even though the students may not achieve professional-level abilities, they will know more about a certain sport and have more interest and confidence. This will establish a solid basis for lifelong exercise and fitness," he said.

Even if this plan can be hindered by the lack of teachers and teaching instruments, Yao still insists in his proposal that schools in the country should organize sports events that can help encourage the students' passion and interest in sports.

Except for Yao,sports stars such as Liu xiang,Yang yang,Zou kai also attend the CPPCC.They make their own proposal on the meeting.

Original title from Yibada:Yao Ming promotes enhanced sports class in Chinese high school

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