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Construction of Asian Games Village to begin in Hangzhou, June 2018

By Nong Ruowen Friday, 17 Nov 2017 19:00

November 13: In an official statement released by the Hangzhou Municipal Government (HMG), the construction of the 2022 Asian Games (Hangzhou 2022) Village will start in June 2018, and be completed by December 2021. 

The statement also disclosed the roster of venues and facilities to be constructed in the first phase of the Hangzhou 2022 host city contract, including 5 newly-built venues, 12 renovated venues, 7 temporary venues and 1 Asian Games Village. A batch of hotels will also be renovated as part of the Asian Games Village. 

Prior to this statement, the major stadium for Hangzhou 2022, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, had chosen the winning construction tenders in October with Chinese Resources Land Limited (CR Land), China Railway No.8 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Southeast Space Frame Group Co., Ltd. jointly winning the bidding process for the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center construction project. 

This center will be built by the three companies in a Public-Private-Partnership mode and the total investment in the project is reported be over RMB 5.6 billion.

Source: NetEase 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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