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Li-Ning becomes the official partner of the Houston Rockets

By Yutang Sports Thursday, 29 Jun 2017 19:34

On June 28, Chinese sports brand Li-Ning and the Houston Rockets jointly held a signing ceremony to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Li-Ning becoming the official partner of the Houston Rockets. Li-Ning will cooperate with the Houston Rockets on basketball training and developing basketball events, with a special emphasis on youth basketball development. Meanwhile through these training and development events  and by improving basketball players and fans sports experience and product experience, the experience value of Li-Ning Style will be further strengthened.

In the future both parties will expand in-depth collaboration aimed at supporting and developing the Li-Ning Cup primary school basketball league, youth basketball training and the Li-Ning 3+1 basketball league. Training camps and basketball events will be held several times a year in China and Houston.

Li-Ning plans to build a new basketball sports experience platform for Chinese and American youth over a 10-year period targeting millions of Chinese youth basketball players and coaches.

Prior to signing up with the Houston Rockets, Li-Ning has already started its distribution of public basketball into the sports market. By way of Li-Ning Youth Basketball Coaches Training Camps, top international basketball ideas and concepts are introduced into the country. At the same time, Li-Ning also works together with the Chinese Basketball Association to carry out training camps for the Team China national youth basketball teams and have also set up the Wade training camp.

The Li-Ning 3+1 Basketball League and the other self-titled basketball  events have created a platform for grassroots players to show their sports  talent and realise their basketball dreams. 

Recently, founder and chairman as well as acting chief executive of the Li-Ning brand, Mr. Li Ning continuously emphasized the necessity to create the experience value of Li-Ning Style.

The director of Li-Ning basketball sales & marketing department Guo Fei said that the cooperation between Li-Ning and the Houston Rockets marks an important step in the distribution of the basketball sports market with this being a solid foundation in the creation of a basketball experience platform for both Chinese and American youth. By improving the sports experience and product experience of youth basketball fans, Li-Ning will deliver a better experience value of the Li-Ning style to the public.

Source: Houston Rockets

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick



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