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Lanqiuke secures ¥3M in Angel series financing round

Monday, 08 May 2017 15:23   |   By Nong Ruowen


As reported by Iyiou, a website focusing on new technologies, Lanqiuke has raised 3 million yuan in their Angel financing round. Lanqiuke is now valued at 30 million yuan. This round was led by Fuyuheng Capital, an Investment & Management Company in Xiamen, China.

Launched in 2016, the Lanqiuke App offers services including basketball games management, statistics, broadcasting and promotion. At present, their revenue mainly comes from the services for games. To serve the games, they often send 2 or 3 part-time workers to broadcast the games and record the data.
Besides Lanqiuke, there are other 2 Apps offering similar services as what Lanqiuke do in China – Woaoo and Intelligent Arena.

Woaoo is an App offering services for basketball games, developed by a startup company called “Woao Basketball.” Their core users are games’ organizers and team owners’. They can organize a game or create their team on the App. Broadcasting and data of players’ performance are also available for them. After a game, they can present awards to their players online. As reported by Iyiou, Woaoo had raised 6 million yuan in their Angel round in 2016. After that, they have turned their priorities to research and development of their products, instead of off-line operating.

As for Intelligent Arena, their service can be devided into 3 sections. Before the game, users can organize a game, book a court and receive notice of coming games. During the game, users can watch the game online and reward players who they appreciate. They can also check the instant data of the game and players. After the game, players will get an analysis on their performance data. According to 36Kr, another technology website in China, Intelligent Arena raised over 100 million yuan in their B round in 2016.

Source: Iyiou

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin


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