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Chinese clothing brand K-bird plans to invest € 20 million into European soccer brokerage companies

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 21 Apr 2015 15:00

K-bird announced yesterday that it plans to invest € 20 million for oversea capitals. The object company—The Best of You Sports, S. A. (BOY) is mainly engaged in football brokerage, whose founders and senior executives both have contact with Real Madrid Football Club.

The announcement shows that K-bird has signed letter of intent with two Spanish companies and K-bird might acquire 45 percent of BOY’s share.

It is reported, the registered capital of BOY is € 60 thousand, engaging in intermediary agent and brokerage related to athletes and actors. It mainly relies on La Liga market, and establishes profound relationship with other European clubs.

BOY also expresses that it will have deep cooperation with K-bird and Hupu Sports to jointly develop Chinese football market, explore new commercial mode, utilize capital market and Internet platform and integrate football sources from Europe and China.

In the future, BOY will transport more outstanding players and coaches to CSL, and send young Chinese players to be trained in Europe. At the same time it will actively look for opportunities to send more outstanding player in CSL to major European leagues.

K-bird says that, the framework agreement signed this time is beneficial for it to seize the limited resources in sports industry and lay the foundation for its next industry deployment.



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