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Sports companies in Zhejiang outline regional sports development goals

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017 19:01

The Sports Committee of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce (ZJCC) held its first meeting and appointed the Chairman of the Olympic Council of Asia, Prince Ahmed, as the Honorary Chairman of the Sports Industry Committee of ZJCC.

Affiliated to the ZJCC, the Sports Committee consists of the Zhejiang sports industry’s leaders, including Chairman of Rhine Sports Gao Jisheng, founder of LeSports Lei Zhenjian, CEO of Alisports Zhang Dazhong and several others. The establishement of this Sports Committee shows the efforts being made to achieve resource aggregation, collaborative innovation, multi-interactive and global development. 

The meeting proposed six goals/projects for sports development for the member organizations:

(1) Global ZJCC basketball league---trying to strengthen the communications between various ZJCC committees and Zhejiang companies.

(2) Helping more Zhejiang sports companies get listed. 

(3) To learn from the British sports industry development experience, and sports town construction experience. 

(4) Hangzhou Olympic Sports Development Fund project. It is aimed at assisting preparation of the Asian Games in the lead-up to the event and help with growth of Asian sports in Hangzhou and in the Asian region by organizing charity sports events and providing public sports services. 

(5) Speeding up the development of the Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone 

(6) Construction of Puyang Sports Town, including Snow Town and others  

Source: Bingxue Toutiao

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin



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