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Gerrard to China?

By Sean O Diobhilin Monday, 21 Nov 2016 15:28

The rumour mill has been in full swing over the weekend with the future of Steven Gerrard at the centre of the latest guessing game. This speculation started after 36 yo Gerrard announced that he was leaving his present club, LA Galaxy.

If reports are anything to go by his suitors are many, including his old club Liverpool where he is still a legend and could move into a coaching role alongside Jurgen Klopp.  In some quarters he is rumoured to be in talks with MK Dons with a view to taking over as their new manager.

Other sources report than he will continue playing and is on the verge of a sensational move to Inter Milan. In other quarters the former England captain is being tipped to rejoin his old Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers at Glasgow Celtic.

Now the latest rumour comes from the Sun on Sunday which claims the Kop idol will prolong his playing career by hooking up with Hebei China Fortune, now managed by ex-Manchester City boss, Manuel Pellegrini.  Hebei China Fortune are ready to offer "upward of £163,000 - £200,000 a week," according to the Sun.

Meanwhile Gerrard is saying nothing. 

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