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Internet + Sports Forum to take place in 2016 Canton Tower Science and Technology Conference

By Yutang Sports Thursday, 17 Nov 2016 16:41

Under the guidance of People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality and Science and Technology Innovation Commission of Guangzhou Municipality, 2016 Canton Tower Science and Technology Conference, host by IDG, will be held in Canton Tower and Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou in Dec.8-9 for two days.

The conference, grown from Android World, has developed into a well-known global professional brand event. The conference takes “ST Interconnection Life Wonderful” as the theme, based on artificial intelligence, information technology and mobile internet platform, it helps manufacturers with science technologies, professionals, science research institutions and enterprises from home and abroad exchange on frontier technologies, and to discuss about business model, upgrade of intelligent terminals and mobile app promotion, and brings more opportunities to explore for common development and win-win cooperation. 

In this conference, IDG and Yutang Sports will organize a parallel forum “Internet + Sports” which would focus on innovations in sports in this new media and new technologies era, on the 9th of December from 9:30am to 12am.

The forum would invite speakers from La Liga, Super Sports, PPTV, Evergrande Football Club, Auto Electronics, Soda Soccer, Zhibo TV, Huawei, and other properties and companies from sports and technology fields, to discuss about combinations and unions of sports and technologies. 

Technology reshapes sports and sports business in a more and more obvious and unavoidable manner. Big data, VR, AR, innovative broadcasting technologies, social media … How could we best utilize these advancements in Chinese sports for sports properties, technology companies, and sponsors? 

We look forward to listening to insights from respected industry leaders and discussing with participants in Guangzhou on Dec 9th. 



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