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Chinese Communist Youth League created fund for university sports

By Meng Shuai Tuesday, 06 Sep 2016 16:54

On 29th August 2016, China Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment of the Chinese Communist Youth League, Beijing Zhongbotiancheng Cultural & Sports Development Co., Ltd and Beijing Yingboxuncai Network Technology Co., Ltd established “Chinese Youth’s Sports Innovation and Entrepreneurship Special Fund” with 50 million RMB in Beijing. The fund will be used to help with developments of university sports in China.

University sports in China are relatively less developed and there are much room of growth compared with developed western sports markets.

As the business and event partner of Anta Sports University Sports League, Bozhongtiancheng has been focusing on improving the development of university sports. The company has much experience in developing intellectual property of university sports.

Bozhongtiancheng would facilitate the development of sports in Chinese universities with the assistance of China Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment. It is hoped that the establishment of the fund could advance Chinese university sports to a higher level.  

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