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ANTA partner with Delivery Agent

Saturday, 20 Feb 2016 10:00   |   By Chen Yaping


Delivery Agent, Inc., a company that focuses on turning audiences into customers for global brands, has announced a partnership with ANTA Sports, the leading Chinese sportswear brand, to manage U.S. digital commerce for the Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson’s ANTA product line.

ANTA, the official marketing partner of NBA China and licensee of the NBA, struck a deal with Klay Thompson to design and manufacture a signature sneaker and sportswear line and a deal with Delivery Agent to power digital commerce.

The collection is available through digital commerce channels powered by Delivery Agent from a dedicated web and mobile site (www.shopKT1.com) to commerce via social media platforms including Twitter as well as directly through the television via Delivery Agent’s ShopTV® television commerce application.

Klay Thompson stated, “Fans have been asking me for a few years about having my own shoe and now it’s finally here with ANTA. It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to have my own signature shoe.”


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