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Beijing hosts China Sports Industry Forum 2015

By Chen Yaping Monday, 21 Dec 2015 12:04

The China Sports Industry Forum 2015 was held yesterday by Peking University (PKU) Institute for Sport Science and PKU Department of Phsical Education, in partnership with TTD Sports Media, PKU Sports Industry Research Center and Graduate School of Management Communication University of China (CUC) .

The attendees discussed major sports topics involving intellectual property, media communication and the Chinese sports ecosystem. On the forum, the PKU Department of Physical Education has reached a strategic partnership agreement with TTD Sports Media, Flame China, Pan-China Sports, Hosa Group, Inter Sports and Wisdom Sports. They will share their mission to promote the development of the Chinese sports industry.

The forum has also seen a deal signed by four sides, namely, PKU Sports Industry Research Center, CUC Graduate School of Management, Baidu Institute of Marketing and TTD Sports Media. According to this deal, a consortium will be set up to work on the R&D of the Chinese sports impact index, which is expected to become an important indicator within the industry in China.

Source: Sohu

Proofread by John Devlin.



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