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Bird’s Nest finds new operation mode

By Chen Yaping Wednesday, 04 Nov 2015 16:10

According to Beijing Evening, to seek a new operation mode of Beijing Olympic stadium, Bird’s Nest Culture Center has cooperated with financial and cultural institutions to create an influential platform of sports finance and entrepreneurship in China.

The platform would provide setting-in enterprises with all-around service including “investment, finance, credit, loan”, cooperate with industry giants to set up sports industry funds, and introduce international resources to assist the development of sports enterprises.

For example, together with Beijing Equity Exchange Center, Bird’s Nest launched customized service for qualified enterprises by cutting service charge, opening financing channels and setting up fostering mechanism, which makes them accessible to the capital market. Also, on November 2nd, 2015, Bird’s Nest signed a contract with Artron to found Artron-Bird’s Nest Sports & Art Bookstore, serving readers with paper books as well as digital databases.

Source:Beijing Evening



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