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Prince signs with CTA's tennis organization for juniors

By Yutang Sports Monday, 29 Jun 2015 17:00

American tennis brand Prince has officially signed the CTA's (Chinese Tennis Association) developmental organization for juniors.

The signing ceremony was held in Beijing where a deputy director of China’s Tennis Administration and the president of Prince Asia gave speeches at the scene.

The organization was launched with the help from CTA and has over 200 members covering junior tennis academies and promotional companies.

The partnership between the organization and Prince will see the sides work on promoting campus tennis and training tennis teachers. Moreover, the objective of the cooperation is to boost the development of the sport among Chinese juniors with enlargement of the player base while exploiting the marketplace of junior tennis.

Qing Shanglin, the officer of China's Tennis Administration, commented that China's developmental tennis organization for juniors would be willing to collaborate with more enterprises and entrepreneurs to work out a win-win business mode to take advantage of the brand and resources.

Source: Netease

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