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What role do CSL clubs play in their home cities?

Thursday, 30 Nov 2017

We can consider all of the 16 CSL teams as “big clubs” in China. However, their home cities are experiencing different economic situations. Then, what role are these clubs playing in their home cities?

SPD Bank launches co-branded card with Guangzhou Evergrande

Wednesday, 01 Nov 2017

Shanghai Pudong Development (SPD) Bank and the Chinese Super League outfit, Guangzhou Evergrande, have reached a strategic partnership to launch a co-branded credit card in China.

AFC’s social responsibility events held in Guangzhou

Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC), together with the Chinese Football Association (CFA), has launched social responsibility events in Guangdong, China.

Guangzhou Evergrande: a long way to go to become successful off the pitch

Monday, 23 Oct 2017

Guangzhou Evergrande is not on a par with top European soccer clubs in profitability.

13 CSL clubs told to clear debts

Wednesday, 26 Jul 2017

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) posted a statement on Tuesday urging 18 professional Chinese football clubs to clear off their debts by August 15.

Guangzhou Evergrande top CSL Bonus Money Rankings

Friday, 26 May 2017

Following the completion of week 10 of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou Evergrande FC emerged as the CSL’s bonus money rankings leader with bonuses totaling 25m RMB ($3.63m)

Evergrande Group invested 2 billion Yuan in their football school

Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017

Chinese newpaper Nanfang Dushi Bao (literally South Metropolitan Newspaper) reported that since the Evergrande Football School was established in 2012, the Evergrande Group has invested 2 billion Yuan in it.

Guangzhou Sports Bureau to generously reward football clubs in 2017

Tuesday, 14 Feb 2017

The Guangzhou Sports Bureau published its annual budget for 2017. It mentioned generous rewards for the 2017 season to the two CSL football clubs in the city, Guangzhou Evergrande and Guangzhou R&F.

Demand for Guoan tickets falls while Evergrande raises its ticket prices

Monday, 09 Jan 2017

The online demand for Guoan’s season tickets this year isn’t as great as that in previous seasons.

The attendance rate of Tianhe Stadium ranks first in CSL

Monday, 19 Dec 2016

Evergrande FC is said to have the highest attendance rates in the 2016 season.

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