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Chinese team won international e-sports competition for the first time

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 19 May 2015 15:00

Last Monday, Chinese e-sports team EDG won an international e-sports competition for the first time in China’s e-sports game history, attracting attentions within China. The game played was League of Legends, developed by Riot. 

The competition was held in Florida of United States by the developer Riot and had teams from different countries. EDG represented China, and won the first title of Chinese teams at such official events. 

The news was reported on the Weibo account of CCTV English and other media, Weibo and WeChat accounts. 

Some data showed that the number of audience was fairly large. In China region, average audience number on online streaming channels was over 3 million. On the day of the final, nearly 2 million people watched online live streaming. 

The organizing committee set up three live broadcasting channels before the event, to live air the competitions in North America, South Korea and China. They estimated the audience number would be over 100 million. 

E-sports have been developing very fast in China in recent years. The sport was identified as the 99th sport by China in 2003, and was renamed as the 78th sport later. 

Tencent and other game developers and media have started to grow their involvements in e-sports. China has also established an e-sports national team. 

Source: Sina 



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