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Interview with GSWParis Young Sports Makers – Louise Amsili: Sustainability in Sport’s Reinvention

By Yutang Sports Wednesday, 13 Jan 2021 16:21

On February 1st-5th, 2021, the second edition of Global Sports Week, under the patronage of UNESCO and the high patronage of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, will come back with a brand new format that integrates digital and physical experiences.

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As the rendez-vous of the year for the global sports industry, Global Sports Week not only provides a unique reunion opportunity for leaders from sport, business and society, but also offers a special stage for the young generation to take the torch and lead the future. During the first edition of Global Sports Week, a group of Young Sports Makers brought the voice from the next generation to the stage, contributing to one of the most shining moments of the forum. One year later, there are 34 young talents from Generation Z making up a new group of the Young Sports Makers program that will participate in the events across different hubs to challenge the speakers, learn from leaders and raise suggestions for the future.

In order to spread the voice of young elites, Yutang Sports, one of the official media partners of Global Sports Week, conducts exclusive interviews with several YSM members, among which Louise, involved at the central hub in Paris, demonstrates her emphasis on sustainability in the future of sports industry.

Louise Amsili

“Born in Marseille, I grew up fully embracing its unique culture and fervor for soccer. After graduating from Sciences-Po, I became a Texas Longhorn pursuing my lifelong passion in their Sport Management program. There, I occupied a variety of positions with Athletics and live events, seizing opportunities to have a positive impact on interacting communities and environments.

Fortunate to join, post-grad, AMB Sport+Entertainment, I got to see first-hand a sport entity embracing sustainability and social justice. Eager to keep learning from the bests and share, I recently became part of the sport creative agency LaFourmi and I am working on earning a certificate in Sustainability and Development.” ----Louise 

The Global Sports Week – a bridge connecting sport leaders and young talents.

Yutang Sports: Through what channels did you learn about the Global Sports Week?

Louise: There wasn't just one channel. I always look for conferences and events as professional as Global Sports Week. So I heard about it last year. But since there was no local hubs in the US, I did not attend the first edition of GSWParis. But this year I work at La Fourmi which is one of the partners as well so I’ll be able to attend.

Yutang Sports: From your own perspective, for what reasons that you decided to participate in the forum?

Louise: First of all, I’m thankful to my managers from La Fourmi who suggested me to do it. I was really excited to find out that the Global Sports Week has such proactive topics that are touching on what I am normally interested in. So I am ready to take a chance and enjoy the upcoming forum.

Yutang Sports: From your understandings, what are the special features of GSW that attract you to join the event?

Louise: I really appreciate the global view of the forum. I have attended a lot of physical and online conferences and I think that Global Sports Week is the only one that is really trying to gather leaders and young talents from all around the world. And I think the flexible format set this year will make it easier to be held under Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the forum really touches the sports community worldwide beyond local entities.

Young Sports Makers – Elites sharing common interests and goals

Yutang Sports: How do you feel after communications with your teammates in YSM program?

Louise: I had a fantastic time meeting all of them, I think they are really impressive individuals that are doing amazing things to change the future of sports. They're all very knowledgeable on the matters being discussed. So it's really great to go forward with them for sure.

Yutang Sports: What degree of self-improvement would you expect to achieve through your participation in the forum?

Louise: I really do hope to be able to acquire global sensitivity to the sports industry. Up until now, I have already accumulated experience in the US and am now starting to get European experiences. In addition, I am really hoping to create strong bonds with other young sports makers that are really driven by our common interests and goals.

Future of sports – sustainability needs to play a bigger role

Yutang Sports: Currently, what is your specific domain in sports industry now?

Louise: I'm currently working for a creative sports agency, which is more related to the the creative side of sports partnership and allows a lot of diversity in the projects we are working on.

Yutang Sports: From your own experience, do you have any suggestions to improve the current situation in your domain?

Louise: Yes, in my opinion, sports partnership has a much bigger role to play in having sports entities embrace their communities and environment. Because what has frequently happened, especially in Europe, is that sports partnership is seen as more of the business transaction rather than a harmonious cooperation between parties that have similar values and goals. As a result, we need to shift towards being more community-centered rather than just selling LOGOs for profit.

Yutang Sports: As you have mentioned in your introduction video, you're now focusing on the sustainability of sports entities. How do you think about the importance of sustainability in sports in the future?

Louise: I think we could say that there has been a shift towards sustainability in sports industry. But it is still on the surface and it seems like a privilege of bigger entities. However, sustainability needs to be considered on every layer in the sports field, not just professional teams or leagues.

Yutang Sports: Do you have any brief ideas about putting sustainability in action? Louise: I don't have any groundbreaking ideas yet (laughing), but I think we can definitely see that there have been more and more small businesses developing sustainable technologies (e.g. making sneakers out of recycled bottles). I think we need sports entities to meet these small businesses, so that they can both benefit from each other and help make the whole sports industry more sustainable.


GSWParis Young Sports Makers - Louise

Sports reinvention – combination of digital revolution and in-person experience

Yutang Sports: As the Global Sports Week stressed, sports is now playing a crucial role at the intersection of society, business and other sections. How do you think about the status and value of sports in human civilization?

Louise: Sports is present the shape or forms of all layers of society as well as personal development and individuals. For that reason, it has a really important role to play beyond the health-related practices. I think it can play as a mean for social inclusion, it can help forge a cultural identity and educate individuals on key social values. Finally, sports can simply act as a bridge bringing people together and that's really important, too.

Yutang Sports: Do you have any specific preparations for your participation this time?

Louise: We do have a series of workshop planned before and during the event, so that we can gain deeper knowledge on the different teams and we can also learn from each other.

Yutang Sports: Under the COVID-19 pandemic, how do you expect the future of sports?

Louise: I believe that we've seen a new shift towards a more digital fan experience. However, based on the fans’ general reaction, the online experience won't be enough. People still want to be able to attend the event and enjoy the atmosphere in person. So I think that the future of sport will be a hybrid mode that integrates the innovative digital experience and enhanced in-person experience.

Yutang Sports: Do you have any ideas about the reinvention of sports industry in the future?

Louise: I would say that this year has also shown that people from my generation do care about social matters and that sports need to be more involved. I'm truly hoping to see sports become closer to its community in terms of its access to and engagement in social issues.

Eyes on the future – stay, work hard and thrive

Yutang Sports: Do you have any expectations towards your own positioning and self-value in sports industry?

Louise: I'm surely hoping to stay in sports industry and grow to make a bigger impact, while sustainability and equality are still the core focus of what I do. I definitely would like to make sure that I bring my experience and knowledge in those areas with me wherever I go so that I can make them more pressing issues in the decision-making process.

Yutang Sports: As a great representative of Gen-Z in sports industry, would you like to give your own advice to those who desire to make a difference in sports in the future?

Louise: I would say that I am at the limit between Millennials and Gen-Z, so I am able to see two different generations grow up and interact with each other. From my experience, my main advice is to always make sure to go the extra miles every day, either it be staying a few more hours, attending conferences or studying online to get more knowledgeable or sending an extra email. Always make sure you do some extra stuff every day beyond the basic requirements.

After a first glance at the YSM squad, we are thrilled that the new blood of sport industry have acquired the global mindset with ambitious expectations towards the future, while it is Global Sports Week that provides a tailored stage, where the young crews, with diverse cultural backgrounds and professions, are able to bring distinctive viewpoints from their unique angles to the table. After precipitation and fermentation, the innovative inspirations will further illuminate the road of industry reinvention. While, during the process, listening to leaders’ voices becomes a required course for the Young Sports Makers.

About Global Sports Week

Global Sports Week is an annual international forum held under the high patronage of M. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, that brings together leaders and disruptors from sport, business, culture, media, government and society. Its agenda is focused on the future of sport at the intersection of business and society.

GSWParis offers innovative formats and directly connects global leaders of sport with athletes, grassroots actors, fans and emerging talents.

In 2021, GSWParis will return from February 1st - 5th 2021. It will boast a new, multi-country format, mixing physical and digital experiences, with events in six cities worldwide.

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